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Vintage Illustrations

The vintage illustrations came back as a fashionable elements of interior decor. Following the modern trends in the interior design we prepared for you the modern kind of wall decorations with vintage illustrations printed on them. We recommend you the new and innovative way to decorate walls in your office, halls, corridors and cabinets. We offer you Woodous that are pictures on wooden boards with pictures printed on them. In our database you will find a wide choice of vintage artworks that can be used to print on the Woodous to decorate your office. We prepared for you carefully selected set of artworks that will suit your office area.




Vintage illustrations as a good idea of office decorations

In the company interiors decorations the vintage illustrations play significant role to show the company traditions and experience. The good and nicely looking wall decorations with vintage illustrations will make a good impression on office visitors and customers. The Woodous with vintage illustrations will suit the modern or minimalist style interiors as well as vintage style offices and cabinets. Choosing our Woodous you make sure that your office area will look elegant and stylish. You will avoid messy wall decorations accidentally put on the walls. With the Woodous with vintage illustrations printed on them all the wall decorations will be in the same style and make a good impression.

Perfect wall decorations

Woodous are modern decoration, to hang on the wall, like a picture. It are made of birch wood, varnished and protected from mechanical damage. It weighs 1.3 kg. The Woodous are very easy to put on the wall with a convenient velcro on the other side of the palette.  All these will guarantee that you will have safe and tidy wall decorations for your company office that will not gather dust and will always look good and attractive. With the Woodous on your office walls you will quickly forget about untidy old paper posters that will make messy impression.