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Many companies emphasize their experience and sold base of their activity. For those companies, we prepared traditional style pictures to be used as wall decorations. Following the modern trends in the interior design, we selected high quality artworks and graphics created by professional designers and graphic artists. If you want to emphasise that your company is a trustworthy enterprise you should place special care for the interior design of your offices and most of all for wall decorations. The wall decorations should be in the same style and elegantly made. Our Woodous is just the kind of wall decorations you need for your office to look tidy and well designed. With our Woodous you avoid the mess of various kinds of wall decorations used by your employees to hang on the walls.




The new look at the wall decorations

The Woodous are made on birch wood and are varnished and protected against mechanical damage. The Woodous are very easy to put on the wall with a convenient velcro on the other side of the palette. The Woodous are very easy to keep in a good shape and they will adorn your office walls for very long time undamaged and looking good. You can find great pictures and graphics traditional style in our database. So just select proper images in our database and we will prepare an excellent Woodous traditional style for your office.

Traditional style office decorations

Emphasising the long lasting tradition of your company needs special kind of wall decorations. We prepared a wide choice of images that will stress your long-lasting traditions and will make a good impression on your customers and visitors. The traditional style pictures can be used in various kinds of companies. The great use of traditional style artworks are corridors and cabinets where you would like to show symbols of your stable and traditional business. Just browse our rich database, select the proper images and we will do the rest for you.