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The new trends in the interior design tend to the new and innovative usage of maps. Maps play a significant role in the wall decorations of various kinds of companies. It is a great way to decorate interiors of travel office as well as companies dealing with a foreign trade or travel and transport. But the motive of maps can be used also in other kinds of company offices. We prepared for you the new way of wall decorations with the use of maps that will always look good. We created wall decorations of wooden boards with maps printed on them. In our rich database, you will find maps of any kind. You can select maps of various places in the world. Just select the kind of map you want and we will prepare Woodous as your wall decorations.




The new kind of wall decorations

Woodous with maps motive is the innovative way of wall decorations that will always look good. Forget about decorating your walls with calendars or paper posters that will gather dust and will look untidy after some time. The Woodous with motives of maps made on birch wood is easy to keep in good shape and they will always make a good impression. The Woodous are varnished and protected against mechanical damage. They have a velcro on the other side of the tablet that will allow to hang it on the wall very easily. Ordering our Woodous with maps printed on them you can be sure that all the wall decorations in your office will be in the same style.

Maps as an exquisite decoration of the office interiors

Following the modern trends in the interior decorations, we offer you a great usage of maps as an ideal wall decoration for your office space. Maps can be used not only as a decoration but also to show the worldwide reach of your activity. Maps are an excellent motif to decorate cabinets, corridors and building halls to show the areas where you do your business. Just select proper maps in our database and we will do the rest.