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The office interior decoration is very important because it makes impression on customers and visitors. Therefore the office wall decorations should be chosen very carefully so that the office space look elegant and nicely furnished. To make your office look elegant and stylish we offer you the new way of decorating your walls. We present you the Woodous that are nice looking wooden boards with pictures printed on them. You can find great pictures, icons and graphics in our database to be used as wall decorations. The Woodous can be used not only as a nice looking picture on the wall. They can also pass information or give the message of the company mission. The Woodous can be used as an advertisement of the company products to be shown to customers.




The new look at the wall decorations

Following the modern trends in the interior design, we prepared for you the new and innovative way to decorate your office walls. The Woodous are wooden palettes with icons, pictures or graphics printed on them. You should just browse our database and find icons and pictures that suit your office design. The Woodous are made on birch wood and are varnished and prevented from mechanical damage. Thanks to the convenient velcro on the other side they can be easily put on the wall. When you order a set of Woodous to decorate your office space you will avoid chaotic and messy decorations that do not match each other and do no make a good impression.

Modern trends in office design

The motif of icons plays a significant role in the way you decorate your office space. The images in the category of icons can be used as decorations for office area, building halls or corridors. We prepared for you a wide selection of modern design pictures and graphics that were selected according to the newest modern design trends. Forget about old calendars, paper posters or casual set of wall decorations that will make the impression of a mess. Instead chose our Woodous to create nice looking wall decorations that will match the style of the office design.