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Following the modern trends in the interior design, we prepared for you the new idea of office space decorations. We recommend elegant wall decorations made of birch wood that will always look elegant and make a good impression on the visitors to the office. To create a good impression on customers it is important to decorate your office and building corridors with pictures in the same fresh style. The Woodous with fresh style pictures printed on them is just the thing you need. If you order the Woodous with chosen by you fresh style pictures printed on them you will guarantee that the office will always look elegant.




Fresh style wall decorations

Fresh style decorations for your office area or building halls will create a great environment for your employees to concentrate on their work. Wall decorations should not distract employees and look untidy. Forget about paper posters, calendars or framed artworks that are all in a different style and do not fit each other. They make an impression of untidiness and mess. Quite to the contrary our Woodous with fresh style pictures printed on them will make good wall decorations that are all in the same style and are easy to keep in good shape. With our Woodous you can design your company interiors with the same fresh style.

The new ideal of interior design

The Woodous are wooden boards made from birch wood with pictures printed on them. You can find great pictures and graphics in our database. All the artworks and graphics were made by professional graphic artists and designers. You will find lots of fresh style pictures that will create an atmosphere of the company with fresh ideas leading to success. The Woodous with fresh style pictures printed on them are varnished and protected against mechanical damage so that they will always look good and stay in good shape. The wooden boards have velcro on the other side so that it is easy to put them on the wall.