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Forest Bathing

According to the newest fashion in the interior design, the pictures of nature play important role in the wall decorations. People want to feel well in their work environment. Therefore the motive of forest bathing has become so popular as an office space decorations. The forest bathing is an ideal of contact with nature and just being in nature, connecting with forests through our senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. The forest bathing pictures on the walls of your office will allow the employees and customers get into some contact with nature. The high resolution artworks showing nature create a relaxing and friendly atmosphere where both employees and visitors feel well.




The new idea of nature oriented interior design

We offer you high quality forest bathing artworks created by professional designers. We offer you the new way of wall decorations for your office that are wooden palettes with pictures printed on them. You can find lots of forest bathing artworks in our rich database. Our innovative idea of wall decorations will allow you to create a pleasant atmosphere in your office, cabinet and building halls. The wooden palettes with pictures printed on them are called Woodous. They are varnished and protected against mechanical damage. The Woodous are very easy to put on the wall with a convenient velcro on the other side of the palette.

The forest bathing pictures as wall decorations

The modern trends in the interior design go to creating more natural and pleasant atmosphere in the places of work so that all the employees and visitors feel well. The forest bathing pictures on the walls will make you feel relax and better concentrate on your work. The forest bathing pictures are a great idea not only for offices and company building but also in private houses.  Enjoy choosing artworks with your family and children. This way you will all take part in your house designing. There are no limits to your creativity.