Woodous – Imperfection Embraced

In a world ruled by social media where everyone appears to be living a perfect life, and yet people are scared to share anything other than carefully selected moments of their lives we’re not afraid to say that we’re not perfect.

Our goal is to stay true to ourselves. We’re imperfect and we know it. And so are our products. In fact, we’re proud of it. The natural wood imperfections are what makes each Woodous unique. There are no two identical tree rings patterns beneath the graphic. Just like there are no two identical customers that we serve.

We believe that no one is perfect – and that’s what makes life more interesting. Instead of pretending to be perfect in order to fit in, everyone should be proud of who they are. Proud of their heritage and beliefs. Because, in the end, everyone has a different story that shapes their lives.
What’s yours?