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Modern trends in the interior decoration lead to wider use of high quality artworks as wall decorations. We added also an element of nature using imperfect wooden planks that are the basis for the pictures. Our customers can choose high resolution artworks and graphics from our database and we will prepare excellent wall decorations. The pictures and graphics with a theme of Zen will go well with the natural wooden boards that will create a rustic atmosphere of peace and quiet in your interiors. If you want to create a relaxing atmosphere in your living room or bedroom choose our Woodous with Zen style pictures. Imagine coming back from work and resting on the sofa looking at the Zen style image hanging on the wall. You will feel relaxed easier.




The new style wall decorations with a motif of Zen

Zen is associated with meditation, relaxation and peace. Creating a peaceful zone in your house or company area you need special kind of wall decorations that will create an atmosphere of relaxation. The Woodous with Zen theme pictures is just the thing you need. Remove old paper posters hanging on the walls and old photographs that faded in time. The old paper posters or calendars do not help you to rest after a busy day of work. Replace them with a new idea of wooden boards with Zen artworks printed on them. All the Zen photos and graphics in our database were made by professional photographer and graphic artists.

Ideal interior decorations

Now you have a new way to decorate your walls. We offer you wooden boards called Woodous. They have convenient velcro on the other side of the picture that allows hanging them on the wall very easily. They are made of birch wood, varnished and protected. They do not gather lots of dust and are easy to clean and keep clean and tidy. They are very easy to maintain in good shape. Just wipe them with a piece of cloth.

You will choose the pictures that you like from our database and order Woodous with your chosen pictures.