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Modern designers offer a new approach to the decoration of rooms both in private houses and in company interiors. One of the best motives to decorate your rooms is wildlife. It is especially good for people and firms who care for the natural environment. Nature has a relaxing influence on the people's mind. Therefore the high quality pictures of wildlife, forests and landscapes will create a nice and relaxing atmosphere that will help you to rest after a busy day at work. We prepared for you the new way of wall decorations in the form of wooden boards with high resolution pictures of wildlife printed on them. The imperfect and natural pieces of wood called Woodous with artworks of nature will bring a tropical forest with its wildlife to your house.




The wildlife motive as a wall decorations

The wildlife theme is a fashionable motif to decorate rooms both in private houses and in company offices. The artworks of wild animals, birds and insects surrounded by tropical greenery, plants, trees and forests will not only look great but will also increase optically the room. You will have the impression that the room has more space and that you are in contact with nature with the imperfect wooden wildlife decorations on your walls. Just select the best high quality artworks from our database and we will prepare for you excellent wooden decorations.

Wooden plates as a great room decoration

Remove old paper posters hanging on the walls and old photographs that faded in time. Woodous are modern decoration, to hang on the wall, like a picture. Woodous are made of birch wood, varnished and protected from mechanical damage. It weighs 1.3 kg.  Thanks to the convenient velcro on the other side you will hang it easily. The Woodous is the best way to easily decorate your interiors with the high resolution artworks made by professional designers. You can choose the motifs from our rich database that will allow you to design your home yourself according to your taste.