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Good high quality artworks play a significant role in the modern decoration trends. The travel motive artworks are the favourite theme for wall decorations not only for people who love journeys. The enthusiasts of travelling all over the world can order they own artworks from remote places as a motive to be printed on nice looking wooden boards called Woodous. The nice and stylish wooden palettes with travel motive can play a significant role in interior decorations of travel agencies and all the companies dealing with travel and transportation. In our database, you will find excellent high resolution artworks from all over the world showing various places you visited or you dreamed to visit.




Travel theme as a great wall decoration

We offer you excellent travel artworks from all over the world printed on wooden boards. The imperfect and natural look of the wooden boards will bring to your mind the memory of visiting remote places and your vacation in some places surrounded by nature. In our database with carefully selected images, we prepared for you photographs from different places in both exotic areas and modern places. You can decorate your wall with wooden boards with pictures of small exotic villages, sunny beaches, tropical forests or modern cities.

Convenient decorations with wooden palettes

Woodous are not heavy, easy to put on the wall and protected from being damaged.  Thanks to the convenient velcro on the other side you will hang it easily. The Woodous will allow you to keep your house well kept because the wooden boards are prevented from mechanical damage and easy to maintain in good shape. You can choose the pictures you like from our database and order Woodous with your chosen image. You can replace old calendars and paper posters with travel artworks with our Woodous showing the best artworks made by professional design artists.