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The new fashion of interior design goes to the more relaxing motifs that will allow you to relax after work. Therefore we prepared for you new tea motives that will look excellent as wall decorations of your living room, dining room or your kitchen. Imagine that you are at home after a busy day at work and that you want to relax and rest on the sofa. What is the best way to relax than to create a peaceful space with relaxing pictures on the walls? We prepared for you a great way to decorate your walls. The Woodous are the wooden boards with tea style pictures printed on them. You can browse our database and choose the pictures yourself according to your taste and likings.




The modern approach to the wall decorations

Following the modern trends in the interior design, we introduced the new way of wall decorating. We recommend Woodous that are wooden boards with pictures printed on them. For people who do not have their own artworks, we prepared a rich database where you can find lots of great and high resolution pictures with tea style motive. All the photographs and graphics were made by professional photographers and artists and we will guarantee that they will look excellent on your walls. The Woodous can be put on the wall with convenient velcro on the other side of the wooden tablet

Decorative tea motive

Depending on your plan to decorate your rooms you can choose proper photographs or graphics in our database. To create a relaxing atmosphere where you will be able to concentrate on your work, you can choose a teapot, teacup artworks with aromatic tea steaming. To bring more exotic colors to your area you can choose high quality artworks of tea plantation with green tea leaves and people working on the plantation. Tea is not only a symbol of relaxation but also it will allow you to concentrate better at work. Therefore tea motifs on the wall will create a better space to concentrate on your work.