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Scandinavian style does not come out of fashion for years and is always fashionable and often used to decorate both modern style and old style interiors. The modern trends in the fashion of interior design go to more minimalist and peaceful style that you can find in the Scandinavian style pictures. You can browse our rich database and find the Scandinavian category full of excellent pictures to be used to decorate your walls. The Scandinavian style pictures and graphics are great not only in private houses and flats but also in office rooms and halls, in the restaurants, bars and other public places.

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The modern way of wall decorations

We recommend nice looking wooden boards made from birch plywood that will make your space look clean and tidy.  They have excellent velcro on the other side so you can hang them on the wall wherever you want. The Woodous are protected against scratting or any other mechanical damage. They do not fade nor change colors in time. You can remove all the old calendars, old fading pictures and torn out paper posters that got damaged during the time of usage. The Woodous with printed pictures in the category of Scandinavian will decorate your rooms for years and will always look as good as new.