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Old Photography

Old Photography has always been in fashion in the interior decorations. The old photographs look excellent in the vintage style interiors but they will also look good in modern style rooms. In the company offices, the old photographs will make an impression of the tradition and experience of the company. You can also use the old photographs in the restaurants, bars, libraries and any places that will refer to tradition and experience and a great past. We offer you a rich database where you can choose the category of Old Photography and find pictures that will match your interior style or the kind of your activity. You can choose the best pictures to create a peaceful area to live in and to work in. They will fit any style furniture and curtains.



Modern Artist

Old photography as a great way of wall decorations

Imagine your interiors with old black and white photographs that will make you feel like in the old fashioned world. The old photographs will bring the atmosphere of the times your forefathers when the life was more peaceful and simply. The pictures in the category of old photography will bring your rooms and places to work an atmosphere of relaxation and stability. They will also play a significant role for companies that will show their customers that they are the company with traditions and experience acquired during years of working. In our rich database, you will find old photographs on any subjects.

Excellent new way of wall decorations with old photography

We recommend you old photographs printed on nicely looking wooden palettes that will always look modern and elegant. The wooden woodous decorations with old photography motives will connect the modern design with old traditions. The wooden palettes are varnished and protected against mechanical damage.  Thanks to the convenient velcro you can put them on any wall wherever you want. The woodous are made from birch plywood and they are easy to keep in shape.