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Decorating your walls in not an easy task. It is even more difficult if you want nice looking, elegant wall decorations that will match each other and the style of the interior. The modern trends of interior design go to decorating your walls with sets of matching decorating pictures. Following the newest decoration fashion we offered you the Woodous. It is a wall decoration made on wooden boards with pictures printed on them. They create nicely looking, elegant and tidy way of putting pictures on your walls. You can forget about framing your pictures, hanging calendars or paper posters. The Woodous can be also used by companies as a way to place advertisements or informations on the walls.




Ways of modern design

We offer you Woodous with pictures in the category of modern. Modern design is very fashionable nowadays and many people like it. With modern style interior you can also like to put on the walls modern style pictures. Browse our rich database and select the modern category to find modern style pictures. The modern pictures and artworks can also look great in the old fashioned interiors or rooms in various kind of styles. When you have stylish antique furniture you can also use modern style pictures on the walls.

New way of wall decorations

We recommend you the new approach to wall decorations. All the wall decorations with modern design graphics are made in a form of wooden boards with pictures printed on them. You can select modern style pictures, artworks and graphics in our rich database. All the pictures, artworks and graphics in the category of Modern were created by professional photographers or graphic artists. The Woodous are made from birch wood and can be easily put on the wall thanks to the velcro on the other side. They are varnished and protected against mechanical damage. You can order a set of Woodous to decorate your interiors with modern style pictures.