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According to the newest trends in the interior design, the minimalist style is on the top now. The modern trends of interior design lead to avoiding an abundance of things and colors around us. The minimalist style refers not only to furniture, carpets and curtains but also on the wall decorations that should be quiet in style and do not have much impact on your eyes.  The modern designers create interiors in a minimalist style that will create a relaxing atmosphere good to work. Therefore we will offer you wooden decorations in a minimalist style matching the minimalist style interiors. Browse our database in the category of minimalist to find the best photos and graphics that will suit best the minimalist style interiors. Then we will prepare for you minimalist style decorations made on wooden boards.



Old Photography

The best minimalist style decorations

In the minimalist category of our rich database, you will find various minimalist pictures and graphics. You can choose them to decorate your room in a private house or walls in your company. Using minimalist style decorations will create a calm and peaceful interior where the rich colors and abundance of patterns do not destruct you. In the minimalist style interiors you will work better and rest better. Elegant and modern Woodous design with minimalist style pictures will bring a relaxing atmosphere to your surroundings. All the pictures and graphics in the minimalist category were created by renowned artists and photographers.

Minimalist style wall decorations

We offer you a new way of wall decorations according to the newest trends in the interior design. Forget of the old paper posters, old calendars and framed pictures. We give you the elegant style wall decorations that are made on birch plywood boards with artworks or graphics printed on them. You can hang them easily on the wall thanks to the convenient velcro on the other side of the board.