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Mediterranean views of blue sky, beautiful green vegetation and blue sea will bring an atmosphere of relaxation into your house. The sunny sky and beautiful greenery as well as stylish Mediterranean architecture, cuisine and lifestyle will remind you about your holiday in the region. You may choose landscapes of Greece or Italy to bring relaxation to your life. Just imagine coming back from work and resting on your sofa watching the beautiful sunny Mediterranean landscapes. Pictures with excellent Mediterranean cuisine will remind you about great healthy fruit and vegetable dishes.  




Enter the world of relaxation with excellent Mediterranean pictures

Good high quality artworks play a significant role in the modern decoration trends. We offer you carefully selected artworks made by professional photographers to be used for our Woodous. There is no better wall decoration like high resolution artwork that are printed on naturally imperfect wooden boards. The natural imperfectness of the birch wood will match well the Mediterranean style pictures and will bring the atmosphere of a relaxing Mediterranean lifestyle.

Excellent wooden decorations

There comes a new way of wall decorations that will bring nature to your life. Woodous are wooden boards decorated with high resolution artworks that you can choose from our database. With a convenient Velcro on the other side, it is easier to hand them wherever you want. The Woodous are not heavy and they are easy to keep in good shape. With the natural style Woodous decorations with Mediterranean images printed on them, you may be sure that your interior will acquire the elegance and good style. Forget about old paper posters hanging on your walls that will gather dust and fray on the edges. The Woodous are varnished and protected against mechanical damage so will guarantee that they will always look as good as new.