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In the interior decoration fashions the illustrations play significant role. We prepared for you the category of illustrations in our rich database. Therefore you can find any illustrations you like. You can find book illustration and drawings you like. You will find black and white as well as color illustrations to decorate your walls. The pictures in the category of Illustrations will bring specjal atmosphere of creativity and art to your interiors. The illustrations category may play significant role in decorating also public areas like office buildings, restaurants, bars and shops.

Old School



New way of wall decorations

We prepared for you a new and modern way of wall decorations with the usage of the pictures in the category of illustrations. You can forget about framing pictures, hangin old calendars of paper posters on your walls. You can forget about torn our dusty papers hanging on your walls or photographs that will change colors or fade on the sun. The woodous with pictures from the illustrations category  are very easy to keep in shape. They do not fade and do not change colors in time. Thanks to the layer of varnish you can easily dust the woodous and your rooms will always look clean and tidy. You can hang them on the wall wherever you want with a nice velcro on the other side of each board.

Illustration motive as a great way of wall decorations

Illustrations and drawings are great motive to decorate your wall. They will bring an atmosphere of creativity and art to your rooms. Illustrations can be also great way to decorate rooms of your children to stimulate their creativity. The pictures in the category of illustrations are not only suitable for private houses and flats but also to offices, restaurants, bars and other public places. The modern trends in the interior decorations will come back in using illustrations as an excellent way to decorate walls in both modern and old style interiors.