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Taking into account the modern trends in a fashion of interior decorations we used the imperfect natural wood as a basis for the excellent wall decorations. Looking for the more innovative and new solution in the world of interior decorations we combined the natural imperfect wood with high resolution artworks. The usage of high resolution artworks is more and more appreciated in the modern live and modern interior decoration trends. We prepared for you the category of Happy where you will find joyful and happy mood artworks and graphics that will bring joy into your interiors. The happy style pictures are suitable not only form rooms for children but for all the places where you want to feel good and relaxed.




The new wall decorations happy style

Browse our rich database to find lots of happy style photographs and graphics to decorate your house or company interiors. To bring you the best way to decorate your walls we combined natural imperfect wood with high resolution photography. The new style wall decorations called Woodous are wooden boards with artworks printed on them. You decorate your interiors yourself choosing the happy style pictures you like from our database. We prepared for you carefully selected set of pictures in the category of happy that are specially designed to bring your more fun and make your life happier with modern style joyful interior wall decorations.

Unique wooden decorations

The wooden planks with high quality pictures printed on them called Woodous are made of birch wood, varnished and protected from mechanical damage. The weight only 1.3 kg. With a convenient Velcro on the other side, it is easier to hand them wherever you want. The Woodous is the best way to easily decorate your interiors with the high resolution photographs made by professional photography artists. We work only with the best photographers and all the pictures, we offer you, have been carefully selected.