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Good high quality artworks play a significant role in the modern decoration trends. We prepared for you the category of fun with fun photographs, images and graphics created by professional photographer and graphic artists. We work only with the best offering you carefully selected set of pictures to be used as an excellent wall decoration. Fun pictures are mostly loved by children and young people so you can browse our database to find excellent fun pictures to decorate rooms for your children. The category of fun is also prepared for companies dealing with event organisations and entertainment that will use the fun pictures to decorate their interiors.




The new approach to wall decorations

Forget about old calendars or paper posters with fun photos. They will not last long and soon they will look ugly and worn out. Replace them with the new and innovative way of wall decorations that combine the high resolution artworks with imperfect natural wood. The wooden boards imperfect just like in nature look great as a wall decoration especially combined with great high resolution artworks. You can have excellent fun photos hanging on your walls that will last long and in time they will always look as good as new.

Wooden plates as a great room decoration

Now you have a new way to decorate your walls. The modern design wooden planks with pictures printed on them called Woodous are not heavy, easy to put on the wall and protected from being damaged.  Thanks to the convenient velcro on the other side you will hang them easily on any wall. They are made of birch wood, varnished and protected against being scratched. They do not gather lots of dust and are easy to clean and keep clean and tidy. We offer you our Woodous with high quality pictures that you can choose yourself from our database.  Imagine choosing the artworks for your wall decorations together with your family and children. You will have a lot of fun designing your own wall decorations yourself.