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Take a look at new trends in the interior decorations in modern times. The newest interior design trends go to the usage of natural materials like natural wood. We treasure the natural beauty of the imperfectness of natural wooden boards that will make ideal wall decorations in combination with high quality photography. More people choose to decorate their houses and flats with high quality photography. And family is the often chosen motif. You can imagine the pictures of your family on the walls of your house. But why not use the modern design approach to the wall decorations. We present you the pictures of your family printed on natural wooden boards that will bring an atmosphere of nature to your house.




New ideal of presenting family pictures

It is a tradition to present family pictures hanging on the wall or placed on the mantelpiece. But instead of traditional framed pictures hanging on the walls, we offer you the new approach to the wall decorations and presenting your photos. Imagine your family pictures printed on natural wooden boards that will bring an atmosphere of nature or vintage style to your interiors. Browse our database and choose the best pictures in the category of family. The family photos can be also used in the office area of companies dealing with products for families.

Wooden plates as a great room decoration

Woodous are not heavy, easy to put on the wall and protected from being damaged. With a convenient Velcro on the other side they are easier to hand them wherever you want. The Woodous are the best way to easily decorate your interiors with the high resolution artworks made by professional photography artists. You will choose the pictures your like from our database and order Woodous with your chosen pictures. You can also use your own family pictures. Remove old paper posters hanging on the walls and old artworks that faded in time. Replace them with more interesting way of wall decorations like the family photos printed on natural wooden boards.