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In the newest trends in the interior design, the eco motives play a significant role. Following the modern trends in the interior decoration motives, we prepared for you the category of eco where you will find lots of eco oriented pictures, graphics and artworks. All the photographs and graphics were made by worldwide professional artists and we guarantee the best quality of the pictures. According to the new approach to the wall decorations, we offer you nice looking wooden boards with pictures printed on them to decorate walls in your house or flat. The eco motive can be excellent wall decoration for eco aware people and companies. For eco oriented companies the eco motives on the walls is an excellent way to show customers that the company cares for the environment.




The new way of wall decorations

We offer you the new approach to the interior decorations. The wooden boards called Woodous can create great room decorations with eco motives on them. You can browse our database and find yourself eco motives you like and choose them to be printed on the wooden boards. They are easy to hang on the wall because they have velcro on the other side. The wooden boards with eco motives printed on them are easy to keep in shape. Thanks to the varnish layer they are protected against mechanical damage and easy to keep in good shape. The wooden boards with eco style pictures printed on them will replace the framed artworks, paper posters or calendars that in the comparison to our Woodous will look boring and out of date.

Eco style wall decorations

The eco style wall decoration will be an excellent choice for people eco oriented why care about the environment. When you decorate your walls with Woodous with eco style pictures you will show your friends and relatives that you care for the environment. Just browse our rich database and you will find lots of eco way artworks and you can decorate your living area yourself. Imagine that it would be a great idea to plan your house eco style yourself together with your family.