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According to the newest trends in the interior design, the motives of the countryside will always be in fashion. We love nature that will have a relaxing impact on our life. Therefore the peaceful and colourful country images will make us feel relaxed. The country artworks printed on nice looking wooden boards will decorate your living room, your dining room or your kitchen. In the kitchen, you can boost your appetite for more healthy food hanging on the wall pictures of country products directly from the country fields or gardens. The country style pictures will match any kind of style of the interiors. You can hang on the wall the wooden boards with country motive pictures in the modern style room as well as a vintage style interior.




The new way of room decorations

We offer you beautiful country motives to be put on your walls as modern decoration elements. The wooden boards with pictures printed on them will replace old posters, framed photos or calendars on your wall. They will create an elegant atmosphere and will always look good. The wooden boards are varnished and easy to keep in shape. They are prevented from scratches or hard damage. Choosing our Woodous you will be sure that your living area will always look elegant and tidy. Besides you can design your own decorations yourself choosing pictures you like from our database.

Country feeling in your house

The beautiful and peaceful country motives printed on wooden boards will have a relaxing impact on your life. Imagine coming back from work after a busy day and relaxing on the sofa in your own room. Imagine watching beautiful country landscapes of fields, gardens, country cottages, country roads and farm animals. They will act relaxing on your and they will help you rest better. The beautiful and colorful country themes on elegant wooden boards will bring more color to your environment and will fit into modern style interiors as well as to vintage style rooms.