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Cooking motive pictures are a great choice to decorate your kitchen or dining room. They will boost your appetite and make you feel better. If you watch your figure and you don’t want to eat much, just put on your walls pictures of fruit or vegetable dishes. They will encourage you to cook and eat more vegetables. Beautiful pictures of cooking will also encourage your children to eat more vegetable dishes and eat more healthy food. But cooking category not only means pictures of dishes. In our database, you will find exquisite artworks of dishes made by professional photographers. You will also find lots of excellent artworks of cooking utensils, cooking ingredients, dishes on the table or close up pictures of food. Cooking style wall decorations are also great for restaurant, bars or companies dealing with food.




The way of wall decorations

Following the newest trends in the wall decorations we offer you our Woodous that are wooden boards with pictures on them. You do not have to think about framing your photographs or putting old calendars or paper posters on your walls. Just browse our database with artworks, select cooking style artworks you like and we will do the rest. We will make for you excellent wooden boards with your chosen artworks to hand on your walls. With nice velcro on the other side of the Woodous you will easily hang them on the walls. They are easy to maintain in good shape and your kitchen and dining room will always look tidy.

Design your kitchen yourself

Thanks to our modern wall decoration Woodous you can easily plan your room decorations. You can choose the photographs of cooking utensils or food yourself. It is a great joy to engage the whole family to design your wall decorations for your house. Select your favourite food for your kitchen decorations. You children will more gladly eat healthy food when they choose nice pictures of vegetable dishes for your dining room.