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Look at your rooms in your house and think that you can decorate them yourself with pictures chosen by you. We will give you the occasion to plan your own living space and make your own interior decorations. We offer you modern design wall decorations that can be designed by you. We prepared for you the Woodous. They represent the new and modern design way of wall decorations that are easy to maintain and that will make your space always look nice and tidy. The Woodous are birch wood boards with artworks, pictures and graphics printed on them. You can select pictures you like from our rich database that contain lots of classic style pictures created by professional artists from all over the world. Imagine enjoying to plan your own living space. You can engage your family and children to plan their rooms themselves and selecting the best artworks from our database.




Classic interior design

The classic style wall decorations are always in fashion and they are never outdated. The classic style room decorations will create a peaceful atmosphere with neutral decorative elements. Many people like the classic design because they relax better in classic style environment. They can concentrate better in an interior with classic style wall decorations. The classic style wall decorations will also work well in the company spaces, offices and company halls where you don’t want to destruct people with pictures hanging on the walls. To concentrate better on your work or business negotiations it is better to be surrounded by classic style wall decorations.

Modern way of wall decorations

Classic style Woodous will make you create peaceful surroundings that will help you concentrate on your activities. After work, you can relax better surrounded by classic style artworks that will create a peaceful background and do not distract you. The classic style Woodous create a relaxing surrounding that is good to live and to relax.