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Following the modern trends in the interior design we created the new way of wall decorations. Thanks to the new ideas we offer you the convenient and easy way to decorate walls in your private house or flat or in your office. One of the best and most favourable motives in the interior design are animals. Everybody loves animals and likes to have animals as wall decorations. The high quality pictures of animals on your walls will bring a world of nature to your life and will give you more energy or relaxation depending on the kind of animal you choose. The pictures of horses, lions or predators or birds will bring energy to your interiors. While artworks of resting or sleeping animals or the pictures of fish or birds on a tree will create an atmosphere of relaxation.




Animals in the interior decorations

The category of animals in our rich database contains a great number of photographs and graphics made by professional photographers or graphic artists. We offer various kinds of animals as well as birds and fish. The excellent high resolution and colorful artworks will create an atmosphere of energy in your rooms. Animals play a significant role in room decorations and are often used to decorate not only private houses but also public places. Animals are especially good choice to decorate rooms for children. Children like animals and will feel good in the area with pictures of animals on the walls.

Interior design made awesome

Choosing the motif of animals from our rich database you will plan your room decorations yourself. Just select the pictures, photographs or graphics you like and we will do the rest. We will prepare for you wooden boards with your chosen pictures printed on them. The wooden boards are made from birch wood and will create excellent wall decorations that are easy to keep in shape.  With a velcro on the other side, you can easily put the Woodous on the walls.