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The African style wall decorations are always in fashion. The colorful and exotic looking motives will bring colors and energy to your living places. The African style motives look great not only in private living rooms but also in public places like restaurants, bars and company halls.  In our rich database, we prepared for your lots of African style photos and graphics to choose from. All the photographs and graphics African style was created by professional photographers and artists. The African style wall decoration will look great in exotic style interiors. But the African style artworks on the walls will also bring more color and energy to the minimalist and modern style interiors.




The new  way of wall decorations

Following the newest trends in the interior design, we prepared for you the Woodous that are the new invention in the world of wall decorations. The modern design and fashionable Woodous African style are made from birch wood with artworks printed on them. It is the new and better way to have excellent wall decorations that are easy to keep in shape and that will create an atmosphere of elegance and tidiness in your space. With the convenient velcro, you can easily hang the African style  Woodous on the walls. The Woodous African style is varnished and protected from mechanical damage.

African style interiors

We prepared for you a great number of African style pictures and graphics in our rich database. Choosing pictures in our database you will be able to design your wall decorations yourself. Selection of a great artworks from our database is the best way to have the African style wall decorations you have always dreamed of. Imagine decorating your living room, your balcony and your kitchen in an African style with  colorful cushions and rugs as well as African style bed cover. And imagine your walls with landscapes of Africa, African animals or African style designs.