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Vintage is very fashionable and many people love decorations vintage style in their rooms and interiors. Why not try our recommended woodous with vintage style photographs. We prepared for you an excellent database rich with vintage photographs portraying any kind of vintage objects. All the photographs are made by worldwide professional photographers.

Imagine your rooms decorated with old objects vintage style. The vintage objects not only suit the personal flats or houses but also company interiors. Imagine great looking restaurants, pubs and bars decorated in great vintage objects. You can have them in your interiors in a form of wooden tablets with high quality photography.


Old school


Fashionable vintage decorations with nice woodous

It is not easy to find vintage objects yourself. But it is easy to have them as your interiors decorations. Our company will give you the opportunity to decorate your interiors with excellent vintage objects that are presented as photographs on wooden tablets. You can hang them easily wherever you want with nice and convenient velcro on the other side that will make hanging very easy. Vintage decorations will add elegance and special mood to your room.

Convenient decorations with wooden palettes

Why choose paper posters to hang on your walls when you can choose better and more elegant looking way to decorate your walls. We give you the new and modern way to decorate your rooms with elegant and nice looking wooden plates presenting high quality photographs. They are made of birch wood, varnished and protected. They do not gather lots of dust and are easy to clean and keep clean and tidy. With our woodous decorations vintage style you will add internal elegance and style to your interiors and will make your interiors look special. Woodous with vintage style photographs will suit well to any interiors but they especially well look in a living room or the place where you work or rest.