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The sport has always been the favourite motif for interior decorations. Taking into account the sports enthusiasts that like to have their favourite sports stars on their walls, it is the best way to decorate the room walls. Sport high resolution photographs are not only for sport enthusiasts. It will bring dynamic and color to your interiors. Colorful outfits of modern sport icons will make your walls look more vivid and colorful. Imagine your walls with sport icons in a movement that will make you think about their dynamics and energy. Definitely sport pictures bring more energy to your life.


Modern Art


Excellent sport wall decorations

Our task is to bring more energy and dynamics to your live offering your the best possible wall decorations that are our Woodous with high quality photographs. You can choose the motif yourself taking advantage of our rich database that will offer a great number of photographs made by worldwide professional photographers. Forget about sport stars paper posters hanging on your walls and gathering dust. Woodous are convenient, easy to hang and tidy way to decorate your walls and to present your favourite sport stars. Woodous are not heavy, easy to put on the wall and protected from being damaged. You can easily put them in another place whenever you want.

Sport stars on your walls

Imagine all your favourite sports stars on your walls. You can have them in a high quality pictures from our database. Just select your favourite photos and we will make a nice wooden tablet to hang on your walls. Imagine that all the old paper posters will disappear from the room of your children and you do not have to dust them and you do not have to look at the torn out paper. With our Woodous nothing like that will happen. Woodous are nice wooden palettes with high resolution photographs that will nicely decorate your rooms and will allow you to have all your favourite sport icons on your walls. Woodous is not heavy and easy to hang thanks to the convenient velcro.