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Old School

Look at the new trends in interior design as a way to decorate your room, house or the place of work. Decorations with high quality artworks have always been in fashion and always looked good in various kinds of interiors. Now the usage of high resolution artworks comes to life as a new way of creating decorative elements to hang on the wall. We created a new fashion of decoration by introducing Woodous. Woodous are wooden boards made from birch wood that are easy to hang everywhere. They have convenient velcro on the other side to allow you to easily hang the Woodous on the wall. They are varnished and prepared to last long because they are prevented from being mechanically damaged.


Old Maps


Old school artworks in interior decorations

Many people like old school motives and old school artworks. Imagine decorating your living room, your office or your study room with beautiful old school artworks that will bring elegance to your interiors. Old School artworks suit well to all kind of interiors. They will look excellent in modern style interiors but why not try them in any other style. They will fit any style furniture and curtains. You can easily match colors of your sofas, curtains and carpets to the nicely looking old school artworks. With an old school theme, everything around you will start looking more elegant than ever before.

Best way to decorate your interiors

Think about your study or living room decorated with elegant old school artworks that create a special mood and will allow you to relax and concentrate. Forget about paper posters that are difficult to keep in good shape. They will quickly gather dust and are difficult to clean. Our Woodous are mostly recommended a way to decorate your places. They are easy to maintain and will decorate your places for a long time. Thanks to the layer of varnish you can easily dust the Woodous and your rooms will always look clean and tidy.