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Old Maps

Modern trends in the interior design often reach for the various kinds of old or vintage objects that are used to decorate interiors of houses or public places. Have you thought about decorating your living rooms or place of work with old maps? The motif of old maps is not only suitable for travellers or enthusiasts of various journeys. They will remind you of your holidays in other countries. But they also bring elegant scientific atmosphere to your interior. Have you thought about stimulating your children to study more by hanging beautiful pictures of old maps on the walls of their rooms? For children, old map motif is associated with a journey to some desert island to search for treasure. But it also encourages children or young adults to study history.


Old Photography


Old map design in your house

Our company offers you an excellent way to decorate your places with pictures of old maps. You can browse our database to find high quality pictures of old maps that can be printed on wooden tablets and hung on the walls. We have lots of pictures showing copies of old maps of various places in the world. We have historic maps as well as more current maps. The old maps movie will bring the atmosphere of history to your house. Old maps motives will also look excellent in various office places. It can be a travel agency or restaurant. Your imagination has no limit and you can design your interiors yourself selecting pictures from our database.  

Modern trend decorations

We offer you wall decoration with a motive of old maps printed on wooden palettes. They are made on birch wood. The tablets are varnished and prevented from being damaged during usage. The layer of varnish will protect the Woodous from being damaged. They are protected against scratches. The convenient velcro on the other side will allow you to easily hang them on the walls. Forget about paper maps hanging on the wall. They soon fray at the edges and gather lots of dust. With our Woodous the tidiness of your place is guaranteed.