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Old Book Illustrations

Take a look at new trends in the interior decorations in modern times. Modern designers offer a new approach to the decoration of rooms both in private houses and in company interiors. Good high quality photographs play a significant role in the modern decoration trends. But why not come back to the old illustrations that will get you back to the romantic old times of vintage decorations. Old book illustrations are the fashionable motif of interior decorations and brings the elegance of vintage look to your room. We prepared for you a rich database of photographs and you can easily find something that suits you. This way you can design your own flat yourself choosing pictures you like.

Old School


Black & White

Old book illustration motives in the modern interiors

Imagine like your interiors take the special elegance of vintage style. Old book illustrations are usually black and white and match well interiors of various styles. They look well next to the colourful carpets and curtains as well as to monochromatic coloring of the interiors. They fit well with both modern and vintage style interiors. They will look good next to the modern style furniture as well as antique furniture. Old book illustrations will bring special black and white elegance to your life. Imagine your living room or room of your children decorated in romantic old book illustrations.

Ideal room decorations

We present our new project that will revive the room design and interior decorations. Woodous present a new approach to the fashion of room decorations. We offer wooden tablets that are simple and easy to hang on the wall. They have a convenient velcro on the other side that will allow you to hang your picture easily. Most of all the woodous are not heavy. The wooden tablets are nice looking and easy to maintain in good shape. They do not gather dust like old paper posters. They are varnished and protected from the mechanical damage.