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Decorations with film motifs

The trends in interior decoration are astonishing and encourage us to take a new look at our interior. Our company offers a new kind of interior decoration which are pictures on wood with film motifs. Nothing will add colour to your apartment like elegant movie themes that will give it a unique and timeless style of film and stars. Our decorations look well not only in private apartments, but also can be ideal decorations for offices, restaurants or public spaces. The great idea is to decorate a bar or restaurant with movie themes, star pictures, film frames that will give the interior a special film mood.

Old photography



Perfect interior decorations

The old fashion of decorating the interior with paper posters goes into oblivion. After some time, unsightly posters will be replaced with aesthetic and easy to hang woodous, which decorate the flat much better. You can hang them anywhere thanks to the comfortable velcro on the back of the plate. In this way, you avoid ugly-looking paper movie posters that after a while fade, become dusty or fray. Nothing like this will happen to our woodous made of birch wood, varnished and protected against mechanical damage. Thanks to the convenient velcro, woodous plates can be hung almost anywhere you want and change the decorations at any time.

Woodous as an ideal decoration

Imagine how your movie pictures hanging on the walls will add color to your living room. Woodous with frames from films will particularly enrich the look of the living room with home cinema, where you can enjoy film decorations on the walls while admiring the film productions on the screen.

Think that in your child's room all the unsightly and faded paper posters that cannot be vacuumed will disappear. They will be replaced with aesthetic woodous, which will allow your child to enjoy the images of favourite cinema and stage stars. You can also involve your children in the designing process when they can choose the favourite motif from our rich database.