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Marine motives remind you about a relaxing time of vacation. You can watch the blue sea, the beach and sea birds just in your room and remember about last holidays on the sea or just look ahead the new vacation next summer. Marine motives as a wall decoration are not always associated with holidays and lying on the beach. You can choose marine motives with old and modern ships and think about a sea journey. You may choose high resolution artworks of the ships on the sea, ships in ports, yachts and various marine vessels. Just imagine how you like your room should look and choose the proper pictures from our database. Then we will prepare modern and easy decorations for your house.




Excellent marine wall decorations

Our company prepared for our customers new and modern way of wall decorations. Following the most recent trends in the interior decorations, we offer you Woodous that are new and easy to hang wall decorations. Woodous are made from birch. Wooden boards that are easy to hang on the wall. They are easy to maintain and keep in shape. If you loved old paper posters or calendars with marine motives, ships or sea, imagine the Woodous hanging on your walls. Forget about tearing out and dusty paper posters and calendars. We offer you a much better solution that will adorn your interiors in a better and easier way.

New look at the wall decorations

New trends in the internal design go further to the presenting decorations in an elegant and tidy way. This way your interiors will look well kept and well organized. No more paper posters or old calendars hanging everywhere not matching each other. The interior must be well designed and decorations should match the style and colors of furniture, carpet or curtains. Taking into account our Woodous you can order series of high quality marine style artworks and put them in places where they will decorate the particular area in the room.