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We recommend excellent wooden tablets with photographs that are an ideal way to decorate your walls. You will find it not only decorative but also easy to hang as they have convenient velcro on the other side that will allow it to be hung on the wall. There comes the new era of decorations that are easy to hang and easy to put in another place wherever you want. New interior decoration trends will give you new ideas on how to decorate your rooms with nice looking wooden tablets presenting the best photography. Our database will offer you the best worldwide photography created by professionals all over the world. Searching our database you will plan and design your rooms yourself.


Fruits & Vegetables


Herb decorations in your interior

Wooden palettes to decorate interiors with photographs will also suit well all the companies dealing with food preparations and food selling. You will find our wooden woodous as an excellent decoration for restaurants, bars and rest rooms in the company offices. Think about breakfast room in your company decorated with nice looking woodous with excellent herb photographs that will allow your employees to rest and relax having their breakfast and that will allow them to come back to work relaxed and full of energy. Forget about old paper posters that will gather dust and look untidy in a time.

Excellent wooden decorations for kitchen and dining room

Nothing is better for kitchen and dining room decorations like photographs of herbs and plants. Herbs not only improve the taste of our meals and make the meals better digestible but also the mere look of them improves our digestion. So what is better than to adorn your kitchen and dining room with herb decorations made on excellent and clean wooden tablets recommended by our company. What is more important the woodous are clean and tidy and make an impression of cleanness and tidiness and do not gather dust what is very important in a places where we eat.