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Fruits & Vegetables

Modern trends in the interior decoration go to the clean presentation of photography. Fruits and vegetables proudly present their rich colors that add colourful and happy mood to all the interiors. Woodous means the modern way to present artwork as a room decoration. It works well not only for private houses or flats but also for public places like restaurants, offices, bars and shops. It is an especially great idea for decorating grocery shops, vegetarian restaurants or healthy food companies. Fruits and vegetables ideally match the healthy way of living, healthy food that is dominant in a modern way of life.




Fruits & Vegetables as a great photography decorations

Our company will recommend the new and more fashionable way of wall decorations that will give you more clean look than old paper posters. You can forget about damaged and torn out paper posters full of dust. Today you will enjoy your walls with nice looking palettes decorated with photographs that you can select yourself from our rich database with lots of photographs to choose from. It is a great way to decorate your kitchen or dining room yourself and together with your family to make a plan for your interior decorations.

Woodous as an ideal decoration for kitchen and dining room

Woodous mean wooden palettes that can be easily hung on the walls thanks to the convenient velcro on the other side of the tablet. This way you will achieve ideal decoration, to hang on the wall, like a picture. There are Velcro under the picture that allows hanging. It is made of birch, varnished and protected. It weighs 1.3 kg. Fruit and Vegetable woodous will not only look well in your kitchen and dining room but also encourage you to eat more healthy food like fruits and vegetables. The nice looking pictures with lots of colors will also encourage your children to eat more vegetables. Everybody knows that children do not like vegetables and often indulge at the dining table.