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Flowers have always played a significant role in interior decorations. We all like flowers in a nice vase and we also like flower ornamentations as a room decoration. Flower pictures and flower photographs have also a great role in modern trends of interior decorations. Our company will give you many great ideas on how to decorate your interiors.  What is more important you can plan the decorations of your flat yourself by selecting flower motifs from our database that will help you to choose motifs for your chosen flower woodous. It would be a great joy to select decoration yourself together with your children and the whole family.

Modern Art


Excellent flower decorations

Flower decorations, especially in a form of elegant and convenient wooden tablets with flower photography, always look well in almost every interiors. Flower gives the interior lots of color and joyful mood so it will match well all the salons, dining rooms, rooms for children, living rooms. Flower wooden tablets will fit well not only in private flats or houses but also to company interiors. Imagine your office decorated with colorful flower decorations on the walls that will bring more happy mood for your employees. Wooden palettes with flower photography will also suit flower shops, design companies, restaurants, galleries and many more.

Wooden plates as a great room decoration

Forget of paper posters that will gather tons of dust and will look ugly in time. There comes the new era of interior decorations like clean and easy to hang wooden tablets like woodous that we recommend to all kinds of interiors both private and public. Woodous are easy to hang on the wall, like a picture. Thanks to the convenient velcro on the other side you will hang it easily and you can change the place where it is now any time you want. Woodous is made of birch, varnished and protected. It weighs 1.3 kg.