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If you plan to design your house of office in a new way think about our Woodous that will bring new decoration ideas to your interiors. We offer you new look at the ways of wall decorations. Just take a look at our Woodous, that are wooden tablets designed to hang on the wall. Woodous are decorated with high quality artworks. You can select the best pictures from our database and design your interiors yourself. We present the best artworks of the well known professional graphic designers.




Fish motives as a room decoration

One of the best decorative motifs is fish that will bring color and elegance to your interiors. You can select fish in an ocean, fish on the market, fish portraits. Colorful ocean life will make your interiors look colorful and vibrant. Imagine the silver fish scales and fins that will bring light to your interiors. Fish motives match well not only modern style interiors. They will look great in all style rooms. You can decorate your kitchen or dining room with Woodous artworks of fish dishes and be encouraged to eat more healthy fish. In the living room or in the bedroom the fish in the ocean will bring the atmosphere of relaxation that will allow you to rest and sleep well. The aquarium with fish is really expensive but you can have fish in your room as a photographs.

The best way to decorate your rooms

Thinking about your wall decorations take into account our new modern interior decoration ideas and choose Woodous to decorate your walls. Woodous are wooden pallets decorated with high resolution photographs that you can choose from our database. You can easily hang them on any wall or any place using convenient velcro that is placed on the other side of the Woodous. Forget about dusty and torn out paper posters that easily damaged and will not adorn your places. Instead, think about our Woodous as a tidy and mostly decorative way to adorn your walls. Fish motifs will be best for the dining room, kitchen as well as for living room and for rooms of your children.