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New trends in decorations

Nowadays we got used to decoratings our interior with beautiful pictures. Great photography will give you the look at the nature or man made goods. The new trends in interior decorations with the usage of photography leads us to the new fashion in decorating such places like a kitchen. Kitchen is associated with culinaria and it is a perfect theme to decorate the place where we eat and prepare food. Woodous with culinary motives will give us inspiration to create new dishes that will be admired by our family and friends.




Culinary as an interior decorations

Woodous mean wooden pictures that can be hanged on the walls in an easy way. You can use them whenever you want. As the culinary motives are concerned, kitchen and dining room come to mind. What is the best motive to decorate your kitchen as culinary motives. Imagine fruits, vegetables or your favourite dishes as a wall decorations. It is also best way to encourage you to keep the diet if you put fruit and vegetable decorations on the walls. Imagine beautiful culinary pictures that will encourage your children to eat more and to eat proper meals. You can choose beautiful photographs of the meals you will prefer your children to eat and use them as wall decorations.

Woodous in the kitchen and dining room

Kitchen and dining room are places where we prepare food and where we eat. The place should be most of all clean and tidy. There is no place for old fashioned paper posters that will gather the dust and make untidy impression. The paper posters are most of all not hygienic for the place where we eat and prepare meals. So we give you best solution for the clean and hygienic wall decoration for the kitchen and dining room. You can use our woodous to decorate the kitchen with beautiful culinary motives. The woodous are wooden plates made from birch wood that can be easily put on the wall. They are tidy and easy to clean and dust. So you can be sure that dust from the old paper posters do not get to your table.