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Everybody loves colorful butterflies. We love them as wall decorations in our houses as well as in a place of work. New trends in the interior decorations go to more colorful designs that will make the place look more vivid and energetic. The butterfly motif is an excellent way to bring colors and nature to your home. Butterflies as a motif for interior design has always been in fashion. The butterflies motives have been used to decorate places for ages. Butterfly decorative motif fit well with the romantic style interiors. They will also look excellent in modern style or vintage style interiors. You can choose an artwork of a butterfly close up like watched under a magnifying glass. In our database you will find pictures with a flying butterfly or with butterflies sitting on flowers.  




Excellent decorations with butterflies

Imagine coming back from work to find some moments of relaxation at home. You can lie down on a sofa and rest watching beautiful high resolution artworks of butterflies on your walls. The motifs of nature like butterflies will calm you down and will give you peace of mind that you need after a busy day of work. The butterflies motives suit well to both modern and vintage style interiors. You can also use them to decorate offices, restaurants, bars and other public places. Butterflies motives on your walls will tell people that you care for the environment.

Ideal wall decorations

Instead of old paper posters of calendars, we offer you high quality pictures printed on wooden tablets that will last longer and that will always look good on your walls. It is easy to keep them in a good shape. Our Woodous are varnished and protected from being scratched or damaged. You can hang them easily on the walls with convenient velcro on the other side. The butterflies Woodous are not only an excellent decoration but also follow the most modern design trends.