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Black & White

Black and white is one of the newest trends in the interior design. Starting from black and white artworks to the black and white geometrical pictures they all look excellent in a modern style interior. In the rich offer of our Woodous we also prepared lots of black and white designs to be used as a wall decoration. You can choose from our database a vast amount of the patterns, artworks and geometrical designs to decorate your flat or your place of work. The black and white design will also look great in the public areas like offices, restaurants or other. You can easily use our modern Woodous with black and white design to decorate any interior, especially that black and white fit well to any other color.

Old posters


Old Maps

Usage of black and white pictures in the interior design

Black and white old artworks will match the old style or vintage style interiors where we will remember old times. Black and white old artworks will suit the room equipped with old style antique furniture. On the other hand geometrical black and white pictures will look great in the modern style interiors. The best advantage of the black and white patterns and artworks is that they look well next to any color. You can have very colorful carpet, curtains and sofas and add to them black and white wall decorations. It will all look great and elegant. With the black and white Woodous decorations you do not have to think about matching the wall decorations to the colors of sofas, curtains and carpets.

Excellent wall decoration in black and white design

We prepared for you the newest and the most modern design way to decorate interiors. Following the modern trends in the interior design we recommend easy to hang wooden boards made from birch wood. Thanks to the convenient velcro you can put them on any wall wherever you want. This way the Woodous can be easily put on the wall and easily removed and placed anywhere else according to your wishes and your decorating ideas.