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Motifs of animals are mostly liked both by children, young people and by adults. Think about the room of your children decorated with nice wooden tablets with high quality photographs presenting various kinds of animals. Young children can start learning geography and start studying the world around them watching nice animal pictures in their rooms.

Nature, animals, plants and landscapes have a relaxing influence on our mind. In such interiors decorated with animal motives, we will feel better. We will better rest and better sleep. So the animal decorations will suit well to children’s room, to the living room and to the room you work.


Fruits & Vegetables


Beautiful photographs of nature

Photographs of nature are always in fashion and they will never come out of fashion in the interior design. Beautiful high quality photographs of animals of any kind will match well to interiors of various styles. You can hang a picture of animals in both modern style interiors as well as in old design rooms. They will always bring a relaxing nature to the place where you live, rest or work. Pictures of animals are especially good in rooms of children or teenagers who mostly like animal photographs. You can hang on the wall nice looking wooden palette with pictures of animals in their natural habitat as well as close up of animals, the animals portraits.

Modern wall decorations

We recommend nice and convenient wooden palettes with high resolution photographs of animals as a modern way to decorate your rooms. You can choose the motifs from our rich database that will allow you to design your home yourself according to your taste. You can also choose your own pictures, especially photographs of your pets. Imagine your photographs portraying your pets in some funny situation that you will always want to remember. You can have them on the walls thanks to our Woodous that will allow you to choose the motifs for your wall decorations on your own.