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Ideal interior decorations

The new trends in the interior decorations will allow us to decorate our houses with beautiful photographs that will portray our most favourite motives. Our company will give you the best solution to decorate your walls in a clean and tidy way with wooden plates made from birch wood that are varnished and protected from the mechanical damage. You can forget about old wall decoration with paper posters that will gather dust and can be easily damaged. Out woodous can be easily hung on the wall with convenient velcro.

Modern Art



80’s motives decorations

Most of us remember the great eighties. Why not use the motives of the eighties to decorate your living room or dining room. The eighties motives will also be a great way to decorate an office, restaurant or office lobby. Wonderful and beautiful photographs do not remain indifferent and will please everyone. Contrary to the everyday point of view, the photographs from the 80’s will perfectly match modern interiors. The 80’s motives match great the modern interiors especially because of the colorful fashion of the 80’s. Imagine the colorful 80’s fashion and 80’s stars dressed in colorful outfits decorating your interiors and bringing color to your life.

How to decorate your living rooms

Our company will recommend to you the modern way to decorate your interiors with wooden plates that will always look clean and tidy and will give your room the impression of tidiness. The wooden tablets will not gather much dust and are very easy to clean. They are varnished and prevented from mechanical damage. This way you will not risk having on your walls old paper posters that can tear out or get covered with dust. The woodous are easy to hang on the wall with convenient velcro. You can remove them and hang anywhere else wherever you want. They are not heavy and you can easily change the place where they hang. Woodous with 80’s motives are perfect to decorate your living room, your sleeping room or the lobby.