Black Friday Sale 2018 – What’s New This Year?

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The biggest shopping fiesta of the year, the UK Black Friday Sale 2018 is around the corner. With shoppers already going crazy dreaming about the stunning discounts and supersaver deals, this year’s Black Friday event will be bigger than ever before. But, do you know how it started? Do you have any idea about how the Black Friday Sale changed over the years? Well, in case you don’t, you get to know everything, right here today. In this article, we’ll talk about how the Black Friday Sale UK changed over the years. Keep reading to know more.

The first ever UK Black Friday Sale

Black Friday left its first ever impression in the U.S. in 1940. Since then, it is being celebrated worldwide. The Black Friday discounts were first initiated by the shopping giant Amazon in 2010 where British online shoppers were offered significant discounts. However, the efforts went unnoticed. The only sale that was popular among the British online shoppers those days was the ‘Boxing Day Sale,’ a day before Christmas.
Later, in 2013, the Asda stores (owned by Walmart) conducted a Black Friday sale where massive discounts were offered on best-selling products such as laptops and televisions. The surprising discounts resulted in stampedes and chaos at the Asda stores in the UK.
In 2014, the Black Friday sale was seen across various retail stores and online shopping platforms in the UK. The response was shocking. Shoppers went on a rampage and police was called to control the crowd.

How has the Black Friday Sale in the UK changed over the years?

The current statistics based on the Black Friday Sales suggest that shoppers are no more going crazy over the yearly Black Friday Sale. It’s just that instead of shopping before Christmas, they’re shopping during the Black Friday sale. Let’s put it in other words, November has become the new December.
Based on a report by the Visa UK Experience Index, it has been found that though the spending during the Black Friday Sale has increased by 2.1% over the last three years, the spending during the Christmas and New Year sales in December has just increased by 1%. Instead of December, shoppers are making most of their purchases during the Black Friday Sale UK in November.
Nevertheless, the Black Friday Sale provides retailers with incredible opportunities to scale their business and win an edge over their competitors.

The Black Friday Sale has given rise to an army of informed shoppers

Shoppers in the UK are no longer confused about buying their favourite products. They are more aware and well-informed than ever. They are now able to predict the discounts patterns at the Black Friday Sale. And, with the rise of online shopping apps and smartphones, the Black Friday madness is increasing every year.

The final thoughts

So, what do you think? The Black Friday Sale 2018 is almost at your door, and the stakes are higher than ever before this year. Will shoppers in the UK make the most of the jaw-breaking deals this year?

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