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Having our own apartment or house gives as a complete control over how we design every room. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy one. While there are landlords who have no problem with even the most drastic changes to the interior, there are situations in which we are limited in what we can modify. This can be a rented flat or office or simply a parent’s house, who simply want us move out asap.

Luckily, even then there are things which you can do to make yourself feel like home, without sacrificing your personal style!

Get or sew a pillow case

If you’re like us and like to add coziness to your home or work space, you have pillows. Lots of them. The beauty of them is that you can put them anywhere, they are inexpensive, comfortable and easy to change. All it takes to bring a breath of fresh air are a few new pillow cases. You can either buy them or sew them – the latter gives you more room to improvise and is not as hard as it sounds.

Change the window curtains

Another thing which you can easily buy (or sew), modify to your taste and used to change the look of the room are curtains. Although not everyone likes them, they can have a very big influence on the rest of the room – it all depends on their color and pattern. Luckily, there are thousands to choose from.

And the rugs on the floor

Once you’re done with the windows, think of what you can put on the floor. There are many different materials which you can choose for the rug, including wool, leather, nylon or cotton, not to mention the variety of patterns available.

Introduce flowers and plants

The next element which you can easily introduce to the interior are flowers and plants. The best about them is that they come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose to put a small flowerpot on the windowsill or get as many plans as you can fit and turn your house into a real jungle.

And if you are a freelancer, put them in your office or happen to work from home, you will appreciate the fact that plants are proven to increase productivity.

Play with the lights using Philips Hue

The lights that you choose can have a huge impact on the ambience of your room. In fact, their color and brightness can have simple biggest influence on the interior – especially in the evening. All it takes to make the change is just one spotlight bulb.

But for an even better effect, you might want to play around with Philips Hue Smart Lightstrips, which can change colors depending on your mood or occasion (they can even be automated, for example timed to the music).

Put scented candles around the house

Once you’re done playing with the lights, get yourself some scented candles. Some of them look great even when they are not lit, and when they are, they can be a great alternative to artificial lights, creating a warm environment and a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Influence colors using items not pained

As a renter, you are often not allowed to paint the walls in the colours that you would like. The good news is, you don’t have to use any paint to decorate your room with colour. For example, you could buy plates, cups, bowls and other kitchenware items all in one (or a few similar) colors and store them in plain sight.

Build (or buy) a shelving unit

Another wall-related problem many renters come across is lack of space for storing their stuff. Because you are often not allowed to hang any shelves (not to damage the wall), your best solution is a shelving unit. These are often made of steel, plastic or wood. You can build one yourself or buy one. The best choice is to get an old one and paint it so that it compliments the room it is in.

Hang Your Own Woodous – You Don’t Need Any Nails to Do That!

Luckily, not being able to use paint or nails doesn’t mean you can decorate your walls at all!  Thanks to the command picture hanging strips, you can hang your very own Woodous without damaging the wall. And with all the unique designs available, you can easily find something to fit into your home or office and make the interior fully unique, adding that final personal touch.

Clean the Apartment and Rearrange the Furniture

Last but not least… Play with what you have! Rearrange the furniture frequently to create an illusion of change. And keep your apartment clean - there’s nothing more tiring than a cluttered space!

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