Inspiration Does Not Exist

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Every year numerous prospective artists give up their craft forever and go back to what they often call “real life” because they could not find inspiration. In fact, inspiration, or rather the lack of thereof, is one of the most often brought up obstacles faced by writers, painters, sculptors and all different kinds of artists. The problem?

Inspiration does not exist. At least not in a way that most artists see it. Not as something that happens out of nothing and provides artists with an idea of what they should be doing and the will to actually do it.


Inspire Yourself – One Step at a Time 

Even though for some people it’s so random that they attribute it to some accidental or miraculous events, “inspiration” can be controlled. The problem why so many people fail to do so is because they don’t understand that it comes from within them. But to gain the so-called inspiration, you need a momentum. This means that you actually have to sit down and get to work – no matter how painful or hard it is for you to get started.
The problem with inspiration today is that it’s often thought to be the main component of the success of all those that managed to get recognized for their work. In reality, it’s that hard and often completely uninspiring work what allowed them to be where they are now. Unfortunately, young artists want everything now. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Lack Inspiration 

This “now” mentality is one of the reasons why so many people say they lack inspiration. But in reality, what they need is discipline and determination. Their supposed lack of enthusiasm and motivation is, in fact, the lack of discipline and can be a sign of procrastination, perfectionism or a simple lack of ability. Usually, those who are the loudest about the inability to get inspired are the ones who have the lowest skill. 
Because no matter what you think about art, you won’t get anywhere without a skill. This is also the reason why the people who are great in their craft are also an inspiration to others. They’ve spent countless hours practicing, trying, failing, and winning. 
They didn’t just sit and wait to get inspired. They went on to seek inspiration by doing. And that’s exactly what you should do to if you want to ever match their success regardless of how hard you lack the will to keep going. Because perseverance is one of the skills that distinguishes mediocre artists from great ones.

It Will Struck You Out of Nowhere Anyway

The best about getting inspired is that you never know when it will happen and what will be its source. The number one rule is that you need to get the ball rolling. Only action, together with an idea and determination can lead to that one moment that changes everything. But if you are not ready for it, you would simply miss it or wouldn’t know what to do with the so-called inspiration anyway. 
Of course, sometimes putting in too much work can be counter-productive. This is when you stress so much about the final outcome. If you don’t keep your eyes open at all times, you will miss your “aha moment” even if you keep doing things. That’s why so many people find inspiration in different things, whether it’s music, nature, books, physical activities or meditation. But it’s not the activities that are inspiring them – it’s the fact that they got the ball rolling and stepped back for a brief moment to get a fresh look at their work.

Are You Ready to Get Inspired?

But what all that really means? As an artist, you can do two things. If you consider yourself an artist but failed to actually do the hard work, the very first thing you should do is write that first word or paint that first sketch. And if you are already past countless hours of work without any groundbreaking moment, it might be a good idea to do the opposite. Take a few days off, travel, exercise relax. Change your surroundings and you might change your career.

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