A Modern Bedroom for a School Student – so Many Roles, so Little Space

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Unless you live in a big house, you will quickly have to deal with the fact that your kid’s room is simultaneously a playground, a meeting room, a library, a study, and a bedroom. Yes, all of this at once! How to prepare a room where your kids can effectively learn, sleep, and relax – all that while turning it into a place they and their friends will love spending time at.


Stick to a theme but keep things simple

One of the worst things you can do in your kid’s bedroom is putting in it whatever you have around the house. This usually ends up with a huge mess, that most certainly won’t help your child focus. Instead, pick fewer things but make sure they fit together. You don’t have to spend a fortune to do that – in fact, it’s best to keep things simple. The one thing you shouldn’t skimp on is a comfortable chair and a desk. 
If you can, try to separate the learning area from the sleeping or playing one. You can do that using colors of the furniture or a pattern on the floor. 
Speaking of simplicity, try to keep the colors of the walls and furniture similar to each other and neutral. Avoid bold colors as they might be distracting. But don’t be afraid to use bright ones in the playing area! 

Ensure there’s enough storage space – and keep things sorted

What all kids have in common? Unless you teach them to put all things back where they came from, they will create a mess in the blink of an eye. That’s why you need to give them an opportunity to learn how to keep the room tidy. A great way to do that are all kinds of storage boxes and drawers. 
Don’t forget to show your kids where to put their belongings – merely hiding them all in one box is not a solution:
On top of that, make sure the storage space for toys, books, and notebooks is separated. And if you have two kids living in one room or want to make it easy and convenient for your child to study with his friends, get a two-person desk. 

Give your kids some inspiration

All kids should have a passion. Even if they change it ten or twenty times before they leave high school, it’s important to teach them that it’s a good thing to have one. A cool way of encouraging them to follow their dream is reminding them about it. One of the things you could use to do that is their very own Woodous. Give them an opportunity to choose it but encourage them to pick something that will remind them of their goals, help them focus or relax. 

Don’t forget about the clock

Apart from Woodous, there’s one more thing a room of every young school student needs – a clock. You can put it on the wall in the middle of the room, next to their desk or opposite the bed. If they have a separate study room, you can turn it into the central point of the room.
The goal is to teach them about time management as early and as often as possible. This skill is invaluable, and even many adults lack it. By instilling it in your children at an early age you make them a huge favor they’ll thank you for in the future.

But remember that they’re still kids

In the end, remember that whatever you do, it’s still a kid’s room. Make sure your child likes it and enjoys spending time there. In fact, a modern room with a cool theme can be a great way to help your child make new friends – in the end, what kid wouldn’t like to study in a room like the below ones?




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